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Agro-Tourism Project


The Bendang Man Fruit Orchard Project is located in the Rimba Teloi Forest Reserved at Sik District which covers an area of 75.8 hectare. There are two types of crops planted which are Durian (40 hectare) and Rambutan (35.8 hectare). It was developed in 1993.

The surrounding areas are very interesting with a stream, Sungai Cepir that passes through the orchard. This has made it a perfect tourist destination for Agro tourism.


This place is suitable to unwind and perfect for these activities:

1.    Camping
2.    Jungle tracking
3.    Fishing
4.    Enjoy the nature
5.    Orchard
6.    Picnic along Sungai Cepir
7.    Meeting
8.    Motivation course
9.    Seminar

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Facilities provided:

1.    12 units of chalet
2.    1 unit of registration office
3.    1 unit of multipurpose hall
4.    1 unit of dining hall
5.    Landscape / Water and Electric Supply / Substation
6.    Equipment (Office/ Chalet/ Hall)

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