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KEDA College has gone through rebranding transformation from its original name Pusat Latihan KEDA (PUSTIKA) in 2012 in line with modernity and current national development which is expanding rapidly. KEDA College is one of the development components of Sik Development Centre under the Regional Development Sector of Kedah Regional Development Authority (KEDA). It is a training college under Ministry of National and Rural Development (KKLW).

KEDA College is located next to Rimba Taqwa Resort, 85 km from Alor Setar, 60 km from Sungai Petani and 40 km from Gurun exit of the North South Expressway. it is mid-way to the Pedu Lake Resort. The construction of the college started on 13 December 1986 and completed in July 1988 and was known as Pusat Latihan KEDA (KEDA Training Centre). It started its first operation on 1 March 1989 with 5 staff. Now, the college has 50 administrative and vocational staff. Originally KEDA College was built on a 7.544 hectares (18.71 acres) land, then, an additional 2.7749 hectares (6.88 acres) were added to make the final coverage area of 10.3189 hectares (25.7873 acres).


To be an excellent training college in creating a generation who can generate income to strengthen the socio economic status of the country.


To give birth to a new generation who is viable, competent, presentable, skillful and knowledgeable to fulfill the needs of generating human capital in line with the country development.


To plan, organise, implement, coordinate and identify training programmes especially for the KEDA target groups and the rural community in general. The college is also responsible in providing the infrastructure and facility for learning and assisting the success of the skill development programmes at KEDA College. There are 5 departments in this college:

•    Administrative Unit – manage the administration, financial, documents, safety, vehicles and PUSTIKA revenue.

•    Vocational Unit – plan, implement and coordinate the teaching and learning system of Vocational Courses.

•    Entrepreneurship and Motivational Unit – conduct Community Development Courses (Short Term).

•    Real Estate and Domestic Unit – administer the maintenance of learning facility, seminar rooms and other facilities in PUSTIKA.

•    Information System Unit – plan, administer and observe the information system of PUSTIKA.


•    Supply well trained and certified human resources for certain fields in the labour force and create new generation of entrepreneurs.

•    Provide information, knowledge and technology to the target groups for multiple economic activities.

•    Improve and expand the target groups' skills in their career paths.

•    Improve the skills and competencies of the target groups in handling the projects.

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