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1.    In line with the launching of the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP), the government has also launched the Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) as a mechanism to optimise the potentials and boost the rural economy. RTC functions as a agro-food supply centre and agri-business centre which connects the manufacturers and consumers from all over the country and to intensify the rural product range.

2.    The government has gradually been upgrading the MID into Mini RTC in the effort to accelerate the transformation the rural areas into a more productive, developed and competitive vicinity. So, starting from 2012, 77 Mini RTC have been upgraded and in 2013, the remaining 136 MID were transformed into Mini RTC.

3.    The suggestion to upgrade the MID into Mini RTC is in line with the announcement of the 2013 budget by the Prime Minister.

4.    Due to the importance of this project, it has been made into a permanent agenda in the weekly National Strategic Executive Summit (NSES) and is reported under NBOS 5: Converting MID into Mini RTC and NBOS 8: Strategic Linkages between Existing Utcs, Rtcs and Mini Rtcs.

5.    With the transformation of the Mini RTC, it has widen its functions and not limited unlike MID which only act as an ICT centre that only conduct programs to reduce the digital gap. Mini RTC will become a platform for all government projects from various agencies /departments based on the concept of the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS 5 & NBOS 8).

6.    The transformation of MID into Mini RTC will also widen the scope and role of the Manager. The current focus is to encourage collaboration among the various agencies/ departments/ private agencies in sharing their expertise and labour in implementing the programmes at Mini RTC. The collaboration is done by maximizing available resources at the ministries involved to catapult the rural development through cost saving as well as the implementation of programmes/ activities in a short period (quick win).

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