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7.    Generally, the objective of this initiative to transform the MID into Mini RTC are :

a.    To act as an agent to connect the rural community in a smaller scale by providing activities that have a high added value to create an economic impact and doubled the earnings;

b.    To be the mediator to the smoothness of the government transformation programmes at the UTC, RTC and Mini RTC; and

c.    To implement the 8 Mini RTC Initiatives at a smaller scale according to the suitability and needs of the rural community.

8. The Main Activities of Mini RTC are:

a.    Provide a one stop centre for various services provided by the government for the rural community which is on-line services (1Malaysia Kiosk).

b.    Provide the facilities for the rural community to market their produce;

c.   Provide a platform for the government agencies to conduct programmes to empower the rural community in terms of education, economy, social, culture and politics;

d.    Disseminate the roles and functions of RTC;

e.    Act as the knowledge provider to the rural community of the government policy and facilities provided by various government agencies; and

f.    Execute programmes to minimize the digital gap.

9.    With the motto of the Mini RTC ‘Satu Hentian Pelbagai Perkhidmatan' (one stop centre for various services), the government is hoping that the rural community will be more viable and competitive and able to improve their income as well as quality of life.

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