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Assalamualaikum W.B.T


Salam Sejahtera and welcome to KEDA website.

Kedah Regional Development Authority (KEDA) is very grateful and welcomes everyone to our website. As the agency that has been entrusted to develop the rural community in Kedah, KEDA is striving to provide information and services as well as welcomes any feedback from its visitors.
With the rapid development in the global arena along with advancement in technology has driven us to be more alert to changes. Thus, as a development agency, it is important to get to the latest and precise information to further our service towards the target group.

Hence, I really have high hopes that this website will be able to contribute to the current needs in conjunction with the National Information Technology Agenda (NITA).

Finally, I appreciate any views from the visitors in enhancing our website for the benefit to all.



"Empowered Community Successful Village"


Tn. Hj. Arifuddin bin Habib

Pengurus Besar Lembaga Kemajuan Wilayah Kedah (KEDA)