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In 2012, KEDA College was given an allocation of RM 5,600,000.00 to execute the KEDA Training Development Project. This project involves 3 main activities which are Vocational Skill Training, Community Development Training and Building Maintenance/KEDA College Area. 100% of the allocation was used benefiting 5,000 people.

1 . Vocational Skill Training

KEDA College is recognised as an accredited centre by the Department of Skill Development (JPK) to conduct 6 main courses such as Arc Welding Course (Level 1, 2 & 3), Motorcycle Technician Course (Level 1, 2 & 3), Electrical Wiring Course (Level 1 & 2), Tailoring Women's Clothing Course (Level 1 & 2), Tailoring Men's Clothing Course (Level 1 & 2) and Food Preparation Course (Level 1, 2 & 3). Successful trainees at each level of the course will be given recognition by the Department of Skill Development (JPK) and the Energy Commission (ST) and will receive Malaysian Skill Certificate (SKM).

KEDA College Activities

A lot of programmes and activities have been conducted involving the trainees in KEDA College throughout 2012. Those activities have contributed to the character building of the trainees and strengthen the bond among its residences. The activities are Orientation Week, recreational, morning exercise & marching, Fardhu Ain & Al-Quran/Tajwid classes, Co-Curricular (PBSMM, JPAM & Silat Gayung), KEDA College Skill Competition, Computer Literacy Course, Community Service Programme, Community Development Course, Merdeka Convoy and Graduation Ceremony.

2 . Community Development Training

This is a short course which is done between 1 to 10 days for KEDA target groups and rural community to:


  • Develop positive thinking among the participants towards achieving self dependency and entrepreneurship.
  • Give exposure about the latest method and technology.
  • Provide knowledge and practical skills to the participants.
  • Inject interest among the participants to gain more knowledge on the field that they are venturing.
  • Increase the participants' faith and motivate them.

3 . Upgrading the Development of KEDA College

KEDA College has done several activities to upgrade its facilities in 2012 :

a)  Installing patterned stone and resurfacing the marching field.

b ) Constructing and completing the pedestrian path from the girls' hostel to the existing routes.

c ) Constructing concrete drains.

d ) Constructing the fence for the Girls' hostel.

e ) Constructing and completing the awning for the workshops.

f )  Supplying and installing the water pipe facilities.

g ) Constructing and repairing the storage.

h ) Constructing and completing the multipurpose hall.

i )  Rewiring the workshops.

j ) Constructing the lobby for the inn.

k ) Constructing new toilets and heavy duty Workshop.

l )  Upgrading the welding Workshop.

m ) Upgrading the power supply to the heavy duty Workshop.

n )  Upgrading the sports courts.