Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) is a place which implement initiatives for integrated RTC introduced by the government under the National Blue Ocean Strategy 4 (NBOS4). These initiatives will be implemented in the RTC and a 100km radius of the RTC. Under the implementation of programs in the RTC, by 8 initiatives have been identified, namely: -

Initiative 1 - Skills Training Rural Population
Initiative 2 - The establishment of the 1Malaysia information kiosks
Initiative 3 - High Value Agriculture
Initiative 4 - Processing of Agro-Food Products
Initiative 5 - Agricultural Products Supply Chain Management
Initiative 6 - University Cooperation
Initiative 7 - Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Service
Initiative 8 - Financial Facilities Rural Population

The implementation of the eight initiatives led by the various Ministries as well as the cooperation and support of other relevant Ministries. For example, in the implementation of the Initiative 4, the processing of agro-food products, operators of industrial products agro assisted in the development of their products through branding, labeling, packaging and certification with the help of various agencies, including the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA), MARDI and the Department of Health.