KEDA Development Project

Program Background

KEDA College will continue to carry out its functions as a training institution in the field of Vocational skills and community development training by increasing the opportunity for the community to participate in skills training.

Programme’s objective

  • Provide trained and recognized manpower resources in specific fields for the labor market and the creation of new entrepreneurs.
  • Provide new information, knowledge and technology to target groups in various areas of economic activity.
  • Improving and developing the skills of the target group in the career field.
  • Improve the skills and competencies of the target group management in handling the projects carried out.

Scope and Components of the Program

  • Vocational Skills Course
  • Commercial Development Course (Short Term)
  • Maintenance / Upgrading of KEDA College Building

  1. Vocational Skills Course

Courses offered at KEDA College

  1. Motorcycle Technology Levels 1,2 and 3
  2. Welding Technology Levels 1,2 and 3
  3. Food Technology Levels 1,2 and 3
  4. Electrical Technology Level 2, 3 & PW2
  5. Men’s Fabric Technology 1 & 2
  6. Fabrilk Women’s Technology 1, 2 & 3
  7. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology Level 2 & 3

  1. Commercial Development Course (Short Term)

The Commercial Development Course (Short Term) is a short-term course conducted within 1 to 10 days for the KEDA and KEDA College target groups as well as the rural population for the purpose of:

  • form participants’ positive thinking towards self-efficacy and entrepreneurship
  • provide exposure to the latest methods and technologies in a field
  • provide practical knowledge and skills to participants
  • injecting participants ’interest to delve into the field they are venturing into
  • increase participants’ confidence and self-motivation.

  1. Maintenance / Upgrading of KEDA College Building

KEDA College also conducts building maintenance / upgrading activities according to the following activities:

  1. Electrical wiring in administrative buildings
  2. Construction of water tanks and plumbing systems
  3. Library
  4. Public toilets
  5. Landscape and area maintenance
  6. Widening and replacement of road sewers
  7. Upgrading the futsal court
  8. Build an additional dining hall & gabion
  9. Male Dormitory
  10. Sungai Seluang Training Center
  11. Repair and maintenance of existing buildings
  12. Others