ICT Security Officer (ICTSO)

Mohamad Noorazam bin Jaafar

Tel : +604-7205413
Email : azam@keda.gov.my

Role and Responsibilities:

Ensure that all KEDA ICT security infrastructure complies with security principles based on the ICT Security Policy Framework and Government Security Instructions;

Prepare and review KEDA ICT security infrastructure documents for the purpose of ICT security audit;

Identify areas of KEDA ICT security that need to be given close attention;

Ensure the level of ICT security KEDA is guaranteed at all times;

Ensure that all KEDA staff understand the requirements of standards, guidelines and security procedures under the Government ICT Security Policy Framework;

Conduct risk assessments and ICT security programs at KEDA;

Establish action plans to manage risks resulting from non-compliance with ICT security standards, guidelines and procedures at KEDA;

Report to GCERT MAMPU on any ICT security incidents that occur at KEDA;

Assist in developing standards, guidelines and procedures for ICT applications, systems and infrastructure at KEDA to comply with the requirements of the Government ICT Security Policy;

Establish programs to increase knowledge, awareness and culture on technology and information control mechanisms and ICT assets, cyber threats and the role and responsibilities of users in operating ICT facilities at KEDA;

Disseminate and channel early warnings of threats that could potentially cause significant damage to KEDA ICT assets; and

Manage all ICT security programs at KEDA.