Project Background

The KEDA Entrepreneur Development and Services Project is to trigger, assist and encourage the development of Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) through integrated SMI parks in the KEDA Region. Apart from that, the implementation towards the creation of the Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community (MPPB) is the main agenda under the KEDA Entrepreneur and Services Development Project where it is in line with the requirements of the National Mission 2006 – 2020. It is also in line with the Third National Thrust in the 10MP. in order to address the problem of persistent socioeconomic imbalances in a constructive and productive manner. On that basis, the Rural Industry and Entrepreneurs Division (BIDU) KEDA has been given an allocation of RM1,500,000.00 under the KEDA Entrepreneur and Services Development Project to plan projects that have a positive impact towards improving the socio-economic status of rural communities.

Project Objective

  • Provide exposure and form new entrepreneurs towards creativity and innovation in terms of branding, packaging and labeling.
  • Provide a more effective promotional field for bumiputera entrepreneurs as well as form a business network among entrepreneurs at both the state and national levels.
  • Provide encouragement to rural communities towards business, industry and trade.
  • Guide entrepreneurs towards the generation and proliferation of new ideas in the process of expanding business scope.
  • Provide training and motivation and guidance services to produce independent and viable entrepreneurs.
  • Increase the income of rural communities.

Project Component and Scope

The project, which includes 3 major component fractions, namely Market and Course Promotion, Industrial Infrastructure and Entrepreneur Development, has run smoothly and in line with the set goals and objectives. With 100% expenditure performance, it has given impact and benefits to the rural population, especially SMI entrepreneurs in an effort to realize the socio-economic stabilization of rural communities to generate income and develop enterprises under the KEDA Entrepreneur Development and Services Project.

Component 1: Courses And Market Promotion

An allocation of RM500,000.00 has been received to design and provide trainings or courses related to entrepreneur development as a measure for the formation and development of human capital in the field of entrepreneurship.

A total of 15 series of courses / workshops covering various fields were conducted throughout 2015 and provided benefits and a positive impact to the 465 rural entrepreneurs involved. In addition to triggering the transformation of the minds and cultures of entrepreneurs towards viable entrepreneurs, the officers and staff involved also benefit in the form of the proliferation of knowledge and strategies to help and be the driving force for the development of viable entrepreneurs in the coming years.

Component 2: Industrial Infrastructure

The main focus of the Industrial Infrastructure component is maintenance and hygiene work in KEDA SMI parks throughout the KEDA Region. Taman IKS KEDA in 6 districts was created to be an integrated industrial area and as a relocation center for companies or entrepreneurs who previously operated in all parts of rural areas. This component also provides an optimal foundation for entrepreneurs to upgrade viable industrial practices and further meet the certification requirements of MeSTI (Food Safety Industry Responsibility) or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Under the Industrial Infrastructure component, all areas under maintenance have been maintained efficiently and effectively, thus having a positive impact and benefit to the nearly 200 entrepreneurs who rent premises in KEDA SMI parks. Apart from that, the action to improve and upgrade the premises in the KEDA SMI park to GMP status has also given positive growth to the number of rental applications for shops, workshops and buildings in the KEDA SMI park. However, global economic issues in general and the challenges of the
country’s economic development in particular have had an impact on rising maintenance costs.

Component 3: Entrepreneur Development

Under the Entrepreneur Development component, 2 activities were carried out with an allocation received of RM400,000.00 namely machine assistance and signage assistance. Machine assistance is given to entrepreneurs involved in the Mentor / Mentee Program which is a program that focuses on the development of entrepreneurs in the target group. The main focus is towards creating job opportunities and increasing income for entrepreneurs identified as mentors, namely a rural enterprise that is competitive and capable of developing enterprises or businesses to a higher level, but has financial constraints. , equipment, manpower and operating location. While mentees are appointed and identified among small entrepreneurs who are always consistent and committed and show seriousness in finding job opportunities to generate income.

A total of 66 entrepreneurs throughout the State of Kedah have benefited from the implementation of this program where 6 SME entrepreneurs from the field of sewing, traditional cakes, chips, sewing, fast food (fried chicken) and fruit rojak have been appointed as mentors and the remaining 60 people entrepreneurs selected to be mentees. The assistance provided includes business equipment, machinery, teaching staff and business signage as KEDA-guided entrepreneurs.

For 2015, the Rural Industry and Entrepreneurs Division (BIDU) KEDA has carried out its responsibilities as an agent for the development of rural entrepreneurs and at the same time realized the main objective of the Kedah Regional Development Authority (KEDA) as an agency responsible for bringing the socio-economic balance of rural communities in Kedah.