Background Program

The Area Redevelopment Project (PSK) at KEDA is the inclusion of several projects that have been implemented by KEDA. PSK each integration project that requires 3 main development components physical, economic and human capital components in a specific area. The main focus is on the development of some of the marginalized areas close to the Thai border, the Titiwangsa Range, the coastline and the backward, isolated and derelict areas that still have comprehensive development ties in the surrounding areas. The selected area is the area in KEDA Region.

Programme’s objective

Integrated and comprehensive development projects aimed at eradicating hardcore poverty and generating income as well as accelerating development in remote and backward areas holistically encompass all aspects. This project is expected to bring developmental transformation to the area holistically.

Scope and Components of the Project

The scope of this project includes 3 main components namely:

  • Build / upgrade infrastructure and social amenities as well as rural communication roads
  • Local resource-based economic development projects such as agriculture, livestock and business
  • Human capital development, mobilization and community awareness as well as training in local resource-based fields.

Component 1: Building / Upgrading Infrastructure and Social Amenities as well as Rural Roads

  • Taman Kelulut, Kg. Che Bema, Sg. Petani
  • Construction of Floating Jetty, Kg. Pengkalan Batu Lintang, Sg. Petani
  • Construction of Dormitory, Lecture Room and ICT Kg. Che Bema, Sg. Petani
  • Construction of Open Surau and Homestay, Kg. Che Bema, Sg. Petani

Component 2: Local Resource-Based Economic Development Projects such as Agriculture, Livestock and Business

  • Mushroom Oyster Planting Project, Desa KEDA Leret, Bandar Baharu
  • Oyster Livestock Project, Kg. Bukit Meriam, Sg. Petani
  • Kibas and Cattle Livestock Project, Kg. Permatang Pasir, Bandar Baharu
  • Karipap Pusing Traditional Kuih Business, Kg. Che Bema, Sg. Petani
  • Traditional Kuih Business, Kg. Che Bema, Sg. Petani
  • Fried Chicken Kiosk Assistance, Kg. Che Bema, Sg. Petani

Component 3: Human Capital Development, Mobilization and Community Awareness as well as Training in Local Resource-Based Fields

  • Participant Exposure Visit PSK Kg. Che Bema and PSK Kg. Pengkalan Batu Lintang to Kg. Lonek, Negeri Sembilan and Kg. Sg. Lang Tengah, Selangor
  • Opening Ceremony of Floating Jetty, Tourism Boat and Cooperative Kg. Pengkalan Batu Lintang Berhad by YB Menteri KKLW in Kg. Pengkalan Batu Lintang, Sg. Petani

The PSK project as a whole is effective in reducing the income gap between urban and rural areas as well as creating a more balanced socio-economic development. Based on the Outcome Study Report of the PSK Project in Bandar Baharu and Kulim, Kedah for the year 2013, this project succeeded in improving the quality of life through infrastructure facilities and social amenities in ensuring the continuity of development.

In addition, this project can also reduce hardcore poverty and accelerate economic development in backward, isolated and derelict areas through agricultural, livestock and business activities as well as strengthened by the implementation of human capital development activities to enable the target group to be more motivated and skilled.