Rojani bin Romeli
Tel : +604-7205359
Faks : +604-7205445
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Functions of the Department

Provide technical advisory services for relevant Division/Unit/Zone projects;

Manage the project procurement process until confirmation of completion of the physical project;

Implement and regulate projects in accordance with specified specifications and instructions;

Plan and manage the division’s annual budget application;

Updating project progress through the Project Monitoring System (SPP II);

Preparation of reports and updates of data related to the division;

Manage, monitor and report on KEDA housing status PPRT Housing/ KEDA Traditional Village;

Manage the repossession of Government lands to be given to KEDA;

Manage and regulate actions and implement KEDA revenue collection;

Coordinate and prepare the latest revenue collection and arrears performance reports; and

Cooperation with the Law and Enforcement Unit for action on revenue arrears.