Khairul Azmeer bin Abu Bakar
Tel : +604-7205350
Faks : +604-7205444
Emel :


  • Plan, coordinate and supervise the implementation of development policies at the agency level.
  • Plan, coordinate and supervise the preparation of the Annual Development Budget and Five Year Plan Budget.
  • Coordinate, update information and prepare physical and financial performance reports as well as monitoring reports and outcome evaluation of development projects.
  • Coordinate and update development budget information and manage through Project Monitoring System (SPP II) and MyResults application.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of expenditure as well as the implementation of KEDA development programs / projects.
  • Coordinate, prepare, monitor and evaluate the implementation of Agropolitan Projects, Sustainable Rural Program (21st Century Rural) and Integrated Village Economic Development Program (PROSPEK).
  • Coordinate and prepare agency-level physical and Human Capital project data. * Coordinate and prepare KEDA Strategic Plan and KEDA Annual Report.
  • Coordinate and prepare reports / feedback on meetings related to development and policy at the federal / state level.
  • Coordinate and update agency information through the Statutory Body System (SBSys).