Shuhaila binti Hamzah
Tel : +604-7205400
Faks : +604-7205448
Emel :

Functions :

a. General Administration Unit

Plan, maintain and supervise office space and security;

Manage, maintain and supervise asset and store management;

Manage office administration matters;

Manage files and records;

Prepare and coordinate managing budgets;

Plan, maintain and supervise logistics facilities; and

Secretariat of major meetings.

b. Human Resource Management Unit

To plan and manage staffing and organizational management matters;

Manage and supervise competency matters and staff performance reports; and

Manage and supervise human resource services and development.

c. Information Technology Unit

Plan to implement and supervise the development and security of Information & Communications Technology (ICT);

Plan, implement and supervise ICT skills courses/training for officers/staff and target groups; and

To plan, implement and supervise the maintenance of ICT infrastructure facilities.

d. Logistics Unit

Coordinate vehicle maintenance and repairs;

Plan KEDA’s logistical needs; and

Coordinate financial/procurement requirements for vehicle purchase and maintenance.